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We believe deliberate practice is the cornerstone of effective medical training.

Diagnostic Training - Anytime, Anywhere

FULL CODE is the world's first smartphone-based patient simulation for institutions.

Our "high-frequency, low-dose" training focuses purely on decision-making. Cases take ~10 minutes allowing learners to practice frequently whenever they have time.

Each case has a peer-reviewed scoring rubric and debrief to provide granular competancy-based feedback.

Our diverse case library allows providers to individualize learning and refresh knowledge in specific areas.

Insight for the Educator

FULL CODE gives individuals an unmatched self-assessment tool. We offer that same level of insight to educators with our Institutional Subscription which includes access to our educator dashboard.

Dashboard Capabilities

  • View learner scoring by individual, by case or aggregated across the organization.
  • Assign cases, then verify learner compliance and performance.
  • Choose between identified or deidentified reporting.
  • Export data to Excel or your LMS.

Proven Simulation at Scale

FULL CODE cases are played all around the world, all day long. Never before has simulation operated at this scale.

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Cost Effective Innovation

With FULL CODE, you don't buy hardware - no manikins, no headsets and no need for dedicated space.

FULL CODE delivers the innovative cognitive training your education team is looking for at a fraction of the cost of existing simulation tools.

Group Subscription
Provide Full Code to your team
Invite / remove users
Full library of 76 cases
$12 / user / month
Institutional Subscription
Provide Full Code to your learners
Invite / remove users
Full library of 76 cases
Educator dashboard
Enterprise support
$15 / user / month
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